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Monday, February 13, 2006


Last Wednesday night. Posted by Picasa

This is what the pitch looked like last week, a very wet and soggy state indeed and I suspect that the match against Preussen may also be called off in the week. This is what the fixture list looks like currently, updates when the come:


17th vs Preussen (HOME) 19.30
24th vs Babelsberg (AWAY) 19.00


3rd vs Hansa Rostock 2 (HOME) 19.30
**8th vs FC Union (AWAY) 19:30 CUP MATCH!**
12th vs TSG Neustrelitz (AWAY) 14.00
17th vs Berliner AK (HOME) 19.30
25th vs SV Falkensee (AWAY) 14.00


1st vs BFC Dynamo (AWAY) 14.00
7th vs Türkiyemspor (HOME) 19.00
**12th vs FC Union (AWAY) TBC**
**16th vs Ludwigsfelder FC (HOME) TBC**
23rd vs Motor Eberswalde (AWAY) 14.00
28th vs MSV Neuruppin (HOME) 19.30


7th vs FC Anker Wismar (AWAY) 14.00
13th vs Torgelower SV Greif (HOME) 14.00
21st vs SV Yesilyurt (AWAY) 14.00

The Cup semis will be about the 4-6th April, probably involving some more changes to the diary. The Cup final date hasnt been set yet.

Let's get this show on the road!


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