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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Winter Update

Happy New Year everyone and a big sorry for not updating the blog for a while... thing is there hasnt been anything really big to report as we have been in the winter break. But now a round up of the news:

- TeBe have a few friendlies lined up in the next few weeks:

Sat. 07.01.06 11.00 h Freiheitsweg
Reinickendorfer Füchse - TeBe
Wed. 11.01.06 14.30 h ??
Energie Cottbus (A) - TeBe
Sat. 14.01.06 13.00 h Werner- Seelenbinder- Stadion Luckenwalde FSV 63 Luckenwalde - TeBe
Sun. 15.01.06 13.00 h ??
TeBe - SCC
Wed. 18.01.06 18.30 h ??
Stahl Brandenburg - TeBe
Sat. 21.01.06 13.00 h ??
TeBe - FV Dresden Nord
Wed. 25.01.06 19.00 h ??
TeBe - Brandenburg Süd 05
Sa. 28.01.06 TBC

?? =The exact location is still unknown - See the official site for news

- The annual hall football tournament takes place again this weekend:

Sa. 07.01.06 15.00 h Sömmeringhalle

- The second half of the season starts on the 3rd February:

16. Matchday | Fr, 03.02.2006 | 19.30 h | Mommsenstadion
Tennis Borussia - Ludwigsfelder FC

- Rumour has it that the Cup match away against top rivals 1.FC Union will take place on the 14th of February, meaning 2 trips to their ground for 2 derbys in 4 days. Bring it on!

- Unsurprisingly our last opponents in the cup, Hertha 03, lost their pathetic attempt to claim foul through the football association and have us disqualified from the cup, showing them to be as unsportsmanlike off the field as on it. And that, after their disgusting performance on the pitch is no minor achievement. Lets hope their new years resolution list involves a bit of fair play.

- Congratulations are in order for our young talent Erol Duygun. From Tebe.de:

Erol international

Oberliga-Abwehrspieler Erol Duygun hat eine Einladung zum Sichtungscamp der türkischen U21-Nationalmannschaft in Antalya (3.-6.1.06) erhalten. Viel Erfolg, Erol!

For the non-German speakers this means that he received an invitation to come along to Turkey's under 21 national team's training camp in Antalya. Congratulations Erol from the Party Army too.

-The Party Army, especially its international crew, is happy to welcome 5 new players to the team. Our international block is especially pleased because our new players also have an exotic touch to them as well:

Paulo Cesar Perez (without team) - Defence Left
Stanko Galic (Uerdingen) - Outer Left
Christian Schalle (Greuther Fürth)- Defence
Ryan Thomson (Toronto/Canada) - Midfield
Sascha Kadow (BAK) - Forward

We will hopefully get to know them at the friendly on Saturday. A mighty welcome from the masses and congratulations for joing the greatest team in Germany.

Rosenstolz, the famous band. Posted by Picasa

And a nice story to end on:

- The TeBe Ladies team are big fans of Rosenstolz, listening to their songs in the team bus. Well the ladies have written to the band and it seem the feeling could be a bit mutual. Rosenstolz are interested in supporting the team and a joint float on next summer's Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride) parade is a good possibility. Well done to all involved.

The Rosenstolz picture I took from the ecards section on their official site, which is also worth a look and even a listen.


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