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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Test Match 1 - 2006

Well back to football in the New Purple White 2006 and the first match is a friendly here in Berlin against the Reinickendorf Foxes.

Sa. 07.01.2006 | 11.00 h | Freiheitsweg

Friendly 1 : Reinickendorfer F├╝chse - TeBe

Some thoughts:

- Probably between 50 and 100 people came to watch the match, including 1 very well behaved dog.

- Without a program, a team list, a scoreboard, a personal Felix or a stadium announcer, it is difficult to judge any of the new players as none of us knew exactly who was who.

- Even if we had known it would have been a tough job as the pitch conditions were suitable for ice-hockey rather more than football. You could have given them points for sliding skills but football was difficult in the conditions. Frozen pitch edges made it hard for example to play down the wings, one of the more central and positive aspects of our game.

- I didnt see Dejan, who was either in the hall or still on holiday. Otherwise the rest of "the management" were there wishing the fans a Happy New Year. Our training staff seemed to have everything under control though with some intensive warm ups and good tactical instructions.

- It was really cold there.

- The team were playing well. Some silly mistakes, some basic errors and some position confusion but nothing considering the pitch and the new players. It was a good first match for the new recruits and things look positive.

- Our goals came in the 2nd half, probably between the 55th and 70th minutes but I dont know. Goal scorers Lemcke and then, we think, Below with a long distance blinder about 10-15 minutes later.

- Outside the weather was really freezing cold.

- TeBe started the first half very strongly but soon allowed the Foxes back into the game. The second half went just as the first but we managed 2 goals and kept up the pressure for longer before the Foxes got a sniff in.

- The Foxes were quick on the break but their real danger came from free kicks. That was where their goal came from with about 10 minutes to go, leaving a nervous last few minutes to hang on.

- Not a convincing win with 2-1 but good enough to go to Cottbus on Wednesday for the next friendly with a bit of confidence. Many players were missing because of the hall tournament later in the day.

- Did I mention that it was really cold?

- Also worth saying that it was a very friendly match despite the conditions. The referee wasnt the best but did well, a few dodgy offside decisions but most importantly a lack of bad fouls and cards. 2nd Goaly Ulbricht, who looks more and more like a Brit pop band member every day (I like it), got a bad knock on the head after a Fox striker slid on the ice... but nothing to suggest it wasnt an accident and he seemed ok after a few minutes careful attention, playing a good game. After all the Foxes were his old team!

Well played TeBe.


  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good to know that I do not missed too much in Reinickendorf - but you also missed nothing at the Hallenturnier.

    See you soon!



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