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Friday, January 27, 2006

Shock Headlines

A serious issue and well done big Bill, but I couldnt help but smile when i read the headline to this story in the news today:

Gates pledges $600m to fight TB

What have Tennis Borussia done to annoy the computer man I thought?

Well I am back from my little trip home and ready to get reporting on the team again.

A special thanks to Leon for the nice mail. Its nice to know people even read the site, let alone hear that they enjoy it. I will pass on your regards to the PT supporter and a report on the Fan Laden that has sadly shut will be up here as soon as I have checked with the legal experts on what may or may not be said about it all online.

Now lets get this silly German winter break thing finished with and get on with life.


  • At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Alex said…

    Hi Andy,
    It was good to see you in Leeds - just to let you know that the Cumbrian branch of the TB Supporters Club (currently only one member, but hey...) will be keeping an eye on how things go for the lads. Hopefully see you in Berlin soon...


  • At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    Cheers Boy,

    I had a good one as well. Off to a friendly now so check the site tomorrow for an "exclusive" LOL

    Did you see what I came back to Berlin to?


  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Part-Time Supporter said…

    good stuff boy. That camera is good. You owe me an email, how was the land of the Angles? Still on for SVB03 on the 24th? I may have to phone Babelsberg in advance and explain about my rucksack, i'm gonna have to come straight to the match from the airport.

    Hi Leon btw, good to hear you're still following the mighty Lila-Weisse.

    Fanladen closure report would be good too boy, i'm in the dark :(

  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    You know youre bored when you start counting emails owed and owing! But you are 100% spot on, just had little time and access the last few weeks and will get on the case later tody. The size of your last email I may actually owe you a few.

    Fanladen report will have to see what the boss says. But its closed now and empty, that much i can say.

    I am trying my best to work something out for the SVB game for you. Plan 1 could be a bit tricky if our matches get cancelled before as it involves talking to people in the Babelsberg know. Plan B is a bit sucky but very possible as it only involves the blatant abuse of friendship to a 3rd party not interested in football who is sucker enough to pick you up and the airport as well. ;-)

    Bollocks, I dont know what to put in the email now!!

  • At 1:00 PM, Blogger Part-Time Supporter said…

    lol i'm sure someone like T. would be only too delighted to be my bag lady :)

    i'm not too worried, i'm sure Babelsberg would be understanding if i phoned them in advance and explained, won't be that much, just that big rucksack with a few clothes.

    Not sure about you picking me up from the airport either, would be very kind but would make you late for the game i think?

    Still cold in Berlin? It's positively springtime here...


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