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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photo Love Story L47

I always get lost in Lichtenberg - Grrrrrr Stupid Lichtenberg. Posted by Picasa

Lichtenberg 47 have got a beautiful stadium that I visited last season. This match however was on some astroturf pitch nearby.. somewhere nearby. I see LIDL up there in the distance and will wander in the direction of civilisation. The problem here is that there are a lot of administrative / civil service buildings in Lichtenberg. And Germany loves red tape and paperwork so a lot is a lot....

... finally get to the stadium and are robbed of 3 Euros (student price) to see a friendly match between 2 low division teaams in the freezing cold.

The only playable pitch in Berlin that doesnt belong to Hertha! Brilliant. Posted by Picasa

The Berlin council has cancelled all matches on its pitches - apart from this one. BFC Dynamo are on straight after us. The only other pitch may be Union's practice pitch and the fields at the Olympic Stadium..... Well it is -15 at night I guess.

Lichtenberg cause us lots of problems in midfield, breaking down our game and playing nice balls through. Posted by Picasa

We werent playing suitable tactics for the pitch, just practicing our thing and giving everyone a run about.

The first half draws slowly to a close Posted by Picasa

0-0 at HT. A disappointing match in the sense that L47 are the better team, the only team taking it seriously. More worrying are a few (on one occasion painful) defence mix ups and the fact that we cant make chances at all. Our midfield is getting frustrated with the lack of space and bad passes. Thats where all he frustration fouls are coming from.

The Second Half. Posted by Picasa

10 substitution at half time so I will get myself a beer. This game isnt to be taken seriously.

Play on. Posted by Picasa

The referee is letting the game flow nicely, only stopping when it threatens to lose the friendly feeling.

New hair colour! Posted by Picasa

Vuckovic has dyed his hair blond. Very nice but it doesnt stop the 1-0 deserved lead for Lichtenberg.

2-0! How did that happen?  Posted by Picasa

Cross and in if I rememeber. Anyways Timo had little chance and his face says it all. Sort of pissed off to be 2-0 down but still enjoying a freindly kick around.

Waitimg for the goalkick... but he can take his time... nearly over now. Posted by Picasa

We had a few nice set pieces that we'd obviously learnt through but were hardly ever dangerous and never got used to the pitch's speed or size.

Its all over. A bad 2-0 defeat against a team fighting for survival in the division below. Posted by Picasa

But hey..... shit happens.


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