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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Foxy Photo Love Story

An insider tip secret World Cup ground? Posted by Picasa

What's that flag for? Is this the Brazillian training camp in Berlin?

No, its just the foxes' ground in very snowy conditions. Posted by Picasa

Very snowy conditions and very cold it was too. Luckily Coffee for 1 Euro and a free coffee at the end was fair, despite the 2 Euro and 4 Euro entrance fee.

The foxes kick it around Posted by Picasa

We arrived earlier than expected giving us a chance to watch the "warm" ups.

TeBe take time for some warming up exercises. Posted by Picasa

Some good stretching there boys.

The team come out for the friendly Posted by Picasa

Back in the "cabins" and then out in the terrible yellow kit for the match.

Foxes look dangerous. Posted by Picasa

TeBe started well but the Foxes got back into the game and looked sharp.

The defence holds well as Half Time calls. Posted by Picasa

0-0 HT and a close match.

The 1st goal has boosted confidence. Posted by Picasa

In goes the first and TeBe pressure to get this over with.

Keeping up the pressure. Posted by Picasa

Another goal we need.

Dangerous corner causing the Foxes problems Posted by Picasa

Whenever the ball kept away from a very nimble keeper the Foxes looked in trouble from corners.

0-2 Pick it out! Posted by Picasa

Lovely long range shot.

Freezing fans. Posted by Picasa

Many of them hoping to go to the Hall tournament later... if only to warm up.

The Foxes dangerous from free kicks. Posted by Picasa

...and from exactly one of those free kicks their goal did come, 2-1 and a nervous last few minutes.

High balls Posted by Picasa

The ground isnt good but the balls flies through the air.

"Home Win" - The Foxes Posted by Picasa

Game Over and, despite the sign, a 1-2 away win for TeBe.


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