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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Part-Time Fan... Full- Time Loner?

Jim Hancot has started a new blog for the Part-time fan. Being in the south of France makes it hard to get along to Windsor Park in Belfast to see Linfield or along to the Mommse here in Berlin to see TeBe. Still our Jim has his 2 cents to give and does it at his Part- time site.

What I find funny about his site is this- Click on "Friends" and you get this message:

There are no entries here.

Click on "Friends Of" to see this

This page has been disabled by this journal's owner.

And on "Profile" to read the following

User does not have any friends.

Was this blog custom made for Jim or did our "Kobold" tweak it himself? Whatever happened to fan solidarity and "Youll never walk alone"?. Jim, the Party Army would be glad to be friends with you. Dont put yourself down!


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