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Monday, November 14, 2005

Oddset Cup News

Oddset-Cup: TeBe through to the Last 16!

TeBe 3 - Türkiyemspor 0

-Fuß, Lemcke und Weidner score against Türkiyem.
-TeBe never looked troubled by Türkiyem at all.
-Despite a load of chances in the first half it was still 0-0 at the break.
-Vuckovic und Fuß starting at the front.
-Silly handball in the area from Türkiyem gave Fuß penalty goal after 54.
-Lemcke made it 2-0 after 57min with a cracking shot.
-83min 3-0 with a lovely played out goal by Weidner when the Türkiyem defence collapsed leaving three TeBeler free.
-Türkiyem only really started to get into the game in the last 10 -15 mins.
-Timur Özgöz, our young hopeful from the A Youth team, made his debut after the 3-0.

More Generally:

-Tebe seemed much more structured.
-Tebe players were (although some were miles off) having shots from further out now and again. It made for an exciting game and shows growing confidence.
-Players were fighting back to get the ball after losing posession giving the team time to re-form at the back.
-TeBe left the match with 11 players on the field and despite a bit of nervous niggling among the front men (understandable after another first 45 of dominance but no goal) the team played very fair and disciplined.
-The penalty was unlucky but fair.
-The referee didnt make any crazy decisions and had a good game.
-The press conference (all 35secs of it) was held in the Casino Bar among the fans.

Line Up-TEBE: Hampf – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl – Griesert (73. Weidner), Petrowsky (62. Below), Köttig, Kollmorgen – Lemcke – Fuß, Vuckovic (83. Özgöz)

Goals: 1:0 (54. Pen after handball) Fuß, 2:0 (57.) Lemcke, 3:0 (83.) Weidner.

Referee: Daniel Siebert (FC Nordost).

Attendance: 245.

After the press conference, and after many a beer too, some of the fans put their questions to our "interim" trainer and fan hero Dejan Raickovic, and then afterwards to Mr Maschke, a with quite a controversial name among the fans but with a willingness to talk and be open about the situation. Both came across very well.

"Interview" or general imprsssion to be added here soon.

Oddset Cup draw on Friday I think...


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