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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lets Go To Torgelow!

From Tebe.de:

14. Spieltag | Sa, 26.11.2005 | 13.00 Uhr | Spartakus-Stadion

Torgelower SV Greif - Tennis Borussia

Torgelower SV Greif 1:2 (1:1) TeBe

Line-Up: Hampf – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl – Griesert, Petrowsky, Köttig (56. Mansour), Weidner (75. Selanci) – Kollmorgen, Lemcke – Fuß.

Referee: Marco Schramm (Zielitz).

Goals: 0:1 (1.) Lemcke, 1:1 (18.) Koziel, 1:2 (68.) Fuß.

Att: 745.

Bookings: Kotula, Schwerdtfeger – Eckl, Lemcke, Duygun.

After the match yesterday we managed to go above the Torgelow Team in the league by winning the crucial 6 pointer 2-1.

The league table now looks like this:

9. BFC Dynamo 13 5 3 5 19 : 20 -1 18
10. Berliner AK 07 13 4 3 6 15 : 14 1 15
11. Tennis Borussia 14 4 3 7 24 : 25 -1 15
12. SV Yesilyurt 13 4 3 6 15 : 20 -5 15
13. Torgelower SV Greif 14 4 3 7 17 : 29 -12 15
14. TSG Neustrelitz 14 4 2 8 18 : 27 -9 14
15. FC Anker Wismar 13 3 2 8 17 : 38 -21 11
16. SV Falkensee/Finkenkrug 13 1 3 9 12 : 27 -15 6

The bad news being that Yesilyurt are playing BAK today and that BFC Dynamo have a probably easy match against Anker Wismar later as well. A draw in both games would be a Santa Special for us.

Just few comments as always on the game from my very bias and non-professional viewpoint:

- Vucko wasnt playing due to injury. This is a shame as it gives our attack a Crouch style option in the big guy upfront.
- That this option was missing however wasnt the only problem, after all we scored many a goal last week even after Vucko had been rested. The difference then was that our midfields were able to make chances after chances- these chances and midfield domination were lacking in Torgelow.
- The strange thing is though that I dont really think the team were much at fault in this. Their tackling back, pressing and fluid moves forward were broken up by a referee who really seemed to have nothing better to do than blow his whistle. I know this is the continental footy that the English generally despise but even when watching players fall like flies in the Seria A I know why the ref has blown. Some of the incidents he blew up I really couldnt say why... and sadly this broke the rhythm even if 35% of the time the decision went in our favour.
- Our defence looked very weak on th ebreak. They had some amazing players with pace and a few tricks in them who just stormed through us.
- Again: TIMO HAMPF = FOOTBALL GOD. Certainly one of the best keepers in the league, if not the best.
- The linesman on our side never stood with the last man. Every single one of his decisions was pure guesswork. He just couldnt keep up with the game. Terrible and really annoying as a fan or I guess as a player.
- I was actually putting my gloves on as the first goal went in so I didnt see all of a strange incident. The ball came in and the goally somehow ballsed it up, for some reason a defender was lying on the floor and as I looked up it seemed like an injury or a foul. The goalkeeper looked confused, the ball wasnt dead and Lemcke just nipped in there and slotted it in. When th ereferee blew I wasnt sure what to expect but no foul had taken place, the goaly had just ballsed it unhindered and a fine score after about 50 seconds of play!
- Despite their quick counter attacks, the Torgelow goal wasnt a 1 on 1 but a peach of a header after a beautiful cross. Nothing Timo could do. Classy goal and a wake up call after 18 Minutes.
- The rest of the match was like I said a strange one. Constant fouls and free kicks, no real flow and good chances for both teams, the cold snowy pitch playing certainly a role in that. We missed a few sitters 100%ers but they had some great attacking moves too.
- In the second half Fuß started to look like the predatory striker of old once more. His goal a good example. The Torgelow keeper failing to catch a high ball coming in against the sun and Micha slotting it in thankyou very much. The Te Be Party Army went wild.

Photo from Torgelow's website. great picture, great day. Thanks again Torgelow. Posted by Picasa

Photo taken from here with many football thanks.

- Fuß looked dangerous all the second half nearly chipping the keeper on at least 3 occasions.
- The last 20 minutes were touch and go, like the rest of the match, with chances for both teams. TeBe trying for the 3-1 to secure the game and Torgelow pushing everything forward for the point. Even their goalkeeper tried to make right for his mistakes by coming forward for freekicks and corners in the last few minutes.

General views:

- This was the best away match I have been on for ages and despite the sucky megaphone it was very enjoyable.
- Torgelow really is samll, reminding me of Barth in the north. Smal houses and streets, few pubs, a broken up old DDR station and a completely newly built modern town centre area with nice bars, restaurants and shops.
- The stadium was great. A tent was playing 80s mega mix of music. Cheap beer and food and souveniers and the stadium in the middle of the wood really is more impressive even in real life than the photos could ever do justice. (OK we should see what Jan's photos look like first I guess.)
- The fans were really nice and friendly and despite their absolutely crazy "anti-hooligan" routine, the police were a good lot albeit amusingly crap at their job.
- Some (about 6) drunken skinheads (approx 16 or 17) came round looking for a fight but not really not knowing what to do or how to start one. This meant they sort of stood there being laughed at for a bit and filmed. The police and security took them away but they followed us around all afternoon. A shame as the vast majority of the fans were classy and even those who looked a bit dodgy were certainly there on the day for football.
- With 1 hour to wait for the train home we spontaneously set up a mini fan friendship and went to the pub with a lot of younger Torgelow fans. The police at this point all parked outside the pub where we were buying each other drinks and talking football. Sitting there in their police vans not knowing what to do when fans decide to like each other!!!

A great Away Day and a great laugh with 3 points to take home as well. I look forward to Torgelow visiting us next year. Some beers of friendship will be drunk.

Some pictures (mine follow shortly)

From Torgelow's Site
Photos and report from Jan (top report)


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