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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Its All For A Good Cause

Hertha BSC beat TeBe 3-1 on Sunday in a charity match to raise money for the anti-violence project, "Zephir e.V." in Berlin. The idea came after Berlin was shocked by the brutal murder of a youngster a while back and a grand sum of 15,000 Euros was for raised a good cause.

An analysis of the match is difficult of course. Hertha were in their star studded full but had played the day before against K-Town in the Bundesliga, TeBe had played on Friday night in the tragic loss to Neuruppin. With the score at 1-1 TeBe missed a penalty that would have actually put them in front and although Hertha may have just been doing enough in a very friendly friendly, some TeBe fans may feel proud of the performance of the team.


Ronny Ermel has been suspended for 4 matches it seems after picking up 3 sending offs in 10 matches this season (includes the matches for TeBe 2). Although this comes at a bad time for the team in general, it would be hard to find a fan who would dispute the decision. His last sending off was considered "thoroughly deserved" or "F-ing dangerous" by almost everyone. Ronny, who scored that oh so important goal in the Oddset Cup final last season, has his fans and his critics but has been a consistant player for the team. This new fetish for early showers perhaps hints at a greater frustration this season due to the problems of the team and club as a whole. Lets hope Ronny is back after the winter break, fully fit and ready to win over the full 90 minutes.


TeBe Shirts.  Posted by Picasa

These are the new shirts for this season. They cost just under 50 Euros from the fan-shop. If anyone is interested in buying one to wear about their home town abroad, then you can always send me an e-mail and I will promise to do all I can.

Cant say fairer than that.


Anyone in Berlin on Friday night should get down to KATO at U-Bahn Schles Tor to see our Lila Kanal Mod rock the place purple white with his band "3 Flaschen".

For more infos click here!

For a sneak preview, try this.


  • At 5:17 PM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    Ronny Ermel is shit. There, I said it. He's the TeBe Emptyhead, and as such expect a report on parttimer.myblog.com very soon. Oh, and myblog.com is shit too. No sub-categories for links and no hope of changing it by hmtl. (couldn't get a blogspot addy with a decent suitable name, though :(

  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    oh, and a link please!

    p.s. you smell

  • At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    Ermel hasnt been doing too badly. When the team is losing all the time he doesnt stick out like a weak link in the chain and some reckon he has been very good. I dunno myself, certainly I have never been overwhelmed by his talent but i think your report on him is a bit OTT. This is the 4th division Oberliga and not the Daily Mirror League. You know as well as I do that low level football needs these "worker bee" players who just do the job. It gives clubs the money to spend on better players like Fuss or Timo etc. Ermel is certainly one of those worker players and he has his moments, both god and terrible. This current card collecting is certainly not his greatest moment....

    ... and yes I kknow I am always too nice.


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