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Monday, November 21, 2005

Go Home You Scum? Posted by Picasa

I usually like away fans and opposition fans in general. Anker Fans were cool in the sense that even though they lost 9-0, they didnt leave until the end, supported their team and the set of pyro flares after the game. Sure it sucked that the local town hall official was there that day but they werent to know. From the facing block E they simply looked like funnny football fans, perhaps even cool ones like the Motor fans. How wrong I was, at least this group going here were stupid, aggressive and dressed to fit everyone's stereotype of an East German village.

Anker Fans: East Germany, East Germany! (singing)
TeBe Fan: Thats where you going now, yes (in a joking but friendly way)
Anker Fan: Yes, East Germany! (aggressively)
Anker Fans: East Germany!
TeBe Fan: But youre going to East Germany without any points.
Anker Fan: Do want to come with us? (meaning outside the stadium for a fight)
Anker Fans: East Germany!
TeBe Fan: No, I think I'll stay here in West Berlin.
Anker Fan: (confused look, aggressive stare)
Anker Fans: Purple White, West Berlin Shit (singing)

Man oh man, and its Torgelow next weekend.... AWAY!


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