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Friday, November 25, 2005

Away Days

Next "Away Day" is Saturday, a long journey to here....

Torgelow! A modern stadium in a cosmopolitan city. Posted by Picasa

Photo from NordOst Football

Here are the train times for TeBe Fans:

Berlin Zoologischer Garten RE 38346 ab 09:02

Berlin Friedrichstr ab 09:09

Berlin Alexanderplatz ab 09:12

Berlin Ostbahnhof ab 09:25

Jatznick 26.11.05 an 11:20

Jatznick 26.11.05 ab 11:32

Torgelow 26.11.05 an 11:40

Duration: 2:15;

And to make for a fun day.... its snowing.

Here is the Torgelow website with some lovely photos of the Spartakus Stadium, just a shame we will not get the sun ourselves. Just click Stadion in the menu on the left.

Some fans are travelling in business men suits with briefcases and financial times. Why? Well its a motto journey, apparently. Feel free just to wrap up warm though.


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