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Friday, November 04, 2005

Away Days

From Lila Kanal the train times for tonight:

Der Zug fährt um
16:11 Uhr vom S-Bhf Charlottenhof
16:18 Uhr vom S-Bhf Spandau
16:51 Uhr vom S-Bhf Henningsdorf

Ankunft um
17:32 Uhr in Neuruppin - Bhf Rheinsberger Tor

Despite the promise of whores, ganstars and cocaine, Neuruppin turned out to be boring. A sort of one horse village to be fair. We lost 4-0 however, despite singing and partying all the way home.

Here my post on the LILA Kanal, for which I fear i may pay dearly... BUT who cares. No-one Likes Us We Dont Care anyways... I just want the team to do well.

"Klatsche in Neuruppin" says it all really. I am pissed off so I will write in English:

It was actually quite embarassing. 2 substitutions in the first half then a quick goal and no real options open. But heh we are away, playing against a top team with Gries gone... so what was then bad? Well, the total collapse of the team, I guess. The first half was allright but the 0-0 scoreline says more for the fact that our goalkeeper Timo really is a man who we just dont deserve at the minute. A true hero with great save after great save. The second half and the early goal could almost be forgiven but it just didnt stop- we had no answer to them. Nothing. Hole after hole at the back and it could have been much worse. O.luv says it all in the other thread.

Now who should I blame? The players. Well yes I guess I could but to be fair they never gave the impression that they werent giving 100%. They are either good enough for this division or not. Are we planning for next season with them? No, a fair few will have to go because otherwise we are relegated without a doubt. Sure there is a great load of talent there. No irony meant here, there is but still these are young guys who need some sort of stable structure and experience there. This is still missing.

So can I blame the manager/ coach whatever you Krauts call this person? I guess not too and I cant blame the ex-coach either I think. Really we have pretty much tried every possible combination and formation now. Every tactic and style but we still lose and even if we dominate the game we dont win, hell even if we lead 1-0 we dont get any points. Do the team seem pissed off, well yes but they are showing some sort of willing. Really thats the only good thing I can say about our performance since the second half at Rostock. Perhaps its to do with fitness and training but the co-trainer is also responsible there.

So where can I see problems. well we have lost a few good people through stress. I mean Ritter went but perhaps he is just young and foolish. We all are, even me writing this although EVERYONE knows who I am. But so have other teams lost a few on the way. Other teams dont quite seem to have lost quite as much as we have though to be fair have they? I guess and its just a sniffle of a guess here, that the problem may not necessarily lie with the trainer/ coach manager etc but with the whole concept and running of the club. Who thought or assessed the league and came to the conclusion that these guys we have are going to get the point/ be in the top six? I guess the people who put the team together, who came up with this plan, well I guess the buck stops with them.

Now beginning of the season I told the Belfaster that i thought it was going to be a boring year. I thought that because UNVSU coming into the league and throwing money about meant as a natural consequence that it just wasnt worth the bet of going for it this year. Thats what I thought and a 2 year plan seemed to be the best solution. BUT a 2 year plan doesnt work if we get relegated. A 2 year plan means F-all to anyone playing in the shit league below. When the club is promising place 6 I would agree that would be a good aim this season. Let the big money clubs fight it out and then go for it next year with an experienced and played in team... but not this crap. Not loss after loss after loss. This is no good to anyone. And what can I say positive about anything.. well at least its not a boring year...

.. but the collapse of a club with a history since 1902 isnt boring, its simply traumatic. A game to raise money for a good cause is one thing but becoming the laughing stock of Berlin is another. Its time the people in the positions to change things start taking this seriously. IF THIS CONTINUES TEBE IS FINITO!

I didnt expect a win tonight, or even to be honest a draw, but what happened tonight showed me that the team as it stands, despite the qualities of individual players, just isnt up to the job at the minute. This isnt some 2 year plan, this isnt some Gries baute Kacke, this is really a failure in the general management and planning for this season.

I am not a nicht eingeloggte Heckenschuetze or a Troll on the Forum. You can see who I am and what I do. I am a real person. I am a genuine fan who goes to all the games and watches. At the moment what I am seeing is a catastrophe. At the moment I have to comfort older fans who are devestated by the fan being hit by the shit.
At the moment I have to pinch myself to believethis is the same club I have been supporting for 2 years.

Peter Antony its over too you. Do something and quick.

As a fan with no idea of club politics, answer me this:

Why are the fans calling for the sacking of the Maschke brothers? Are they responsible for the planning and organisation this year? and why shouldnt I as a new boy in the fan block sing with them "MASCHKE RAUS"?

What is it that the fans are not understanding or are you going to sing with them?

I ask all Tennis Fans who also demand answers, who arent happy, who are worried about the direction their club is going and who are disappointed or angry about the current state of the team to post a question or say something. I think things are looking very bleak.

But yes that seems to be the general view of the fans at the minute, whether young or old, E Block or Stand fans.... they seem to agree with two simple words "Maschkes Out!"


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