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Monday, November 21, 2005

9 (nine) - 0 (zero)

Well unfortunately my picture upload thingy isnt working at the minute so you'll have to make do with a written report. Pictures to follow asap. First of all the stats:

13. Spieltag | Fr, 18.11.2005 | 19.30 Uhr | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - FC Anker Wismar

TeBe 9:0 (2:0) FC Anker Wismar

Team: Hampf – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl – Griesert, Petrowsky, Köttig, Kollmorgen (46. Weidner) – Lemcke (58. Mansour) – Fuß, Vuckovic (66. Selanci).

Referee: André Stolzenburg (Neuruppin).

Goals: Nenad Vuckovic (14., 44., 48.), Norbert Lemcke (55.), Benjamin Griesert (60.), Micha Fuß (69., 72., 82. und 84.).

Attendance: 297.

Bookings: Schmidt – Hildebrandt, Weidemann, Schawaller.

As Sir Alex kept telling me, "You cant take it seriously", after all Anker Wismar, a team whose letters seem to spell "Mark is a...." in my head, well they've had a few problems of late. Their President decided to leave the club in the lurch. Big problem was that he had signed all the contracts with the players himself and that meant the chosen 11 at least were no longer signed to the club. This meant that the second team had to jump in and take the role of the first team. Still after the 5th goal even Sir Alex was impressed with our boys and whether we should take it seriously or not, it was a very impressive performance, and important 3 points and certainly a boost in morale for both team and fans. Some points of note:

- Anker really didnt cause us many problems at all. They had a few chances at the most but this was a very solid performance from TeBe.
- Once again a nervous first half, where to be fair TeBe should have gone in at half time with 5 or 6 under their belt. 2-0 was a good half-time score but it really didnt reflect the play.
- The first goal was from Vuckovic and a real confidence booster it was too. After scoring he came over to E Block to celebrate with the fans. I think Dejan's idea of bringing the players up more in to the Casino bar with the fans may have paid off in terms of morale - and of course the Red Devil's personal talk with him.
- Although Anker may have been a weak opponent it is important to mention that TeBe played some beautiful football, with some great passing movements and some sexy through balls.
- Once again Dejan has managed to get the team to give 100%, something seriously lacking under Theo G. The team fought back after losing the ball and really looked as though they WANTED TO WIN, as though they ACTUALLY CARED. Great to see as a fan.
- My sympathy really goes out to the Anker goalkeeper who played an amazing game but still has a 9 goal thrashing under his name. After the match Timo went over and had a word of consolation with him, showing the respect he deserved and also basically what a great guy Timo is. Applause Timo.
- Idiot of the day was the linesman nearest to Block E for calling offside on a "pass" that a Tebe player passed to himself through the legs of the opponent! The referee in contrast had a good game.
- The only critique for the referee is that the first half lasted 44 minutes by my timing, the second about 43 minutes. Although everything is possible in football I doubt Anker will complain, but some TeBe fans (myself included) may have wanted 10 - even if just to see if the scoreboard would cope.
-The second half had everything the first didnt in terms of getting the ball in the net. Chances were ruthlessly banged in, finally. 4 for Micha, who despite being the most acclaimed member of our team, has yet to shine this season. Lets hope this lasts.
- At lot of credit has to go to our midfield who worked very hard and created a lot of the chances.
- Timo dealt with the Anker chances well. If their early chance had gone in then I really dont know whether the team could have bounced back, even against such a weak opponent. Self-confidence played a large role in the second half. We have the potential, at least most of the players, its just got to be nurtured and the desire to win has to be there.
- We did BFC Dynamo a favour today. 9-0 replacing their 8-0 defeat against bitter rivals 1FC Union as the highest defeat/win of the season.

Photos to follow.

Special thanks to Mr Bungle the stadium DJ for playing Mr Cash at half-time.

Special hello to the 2 new visiting fans from Blackpool. Hope your visit in Berlin was enjoyable and that you will both come back to see us play again. :-)

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